Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shit my husband says

Ok, First post. Better be a good one right?
Honestly, I've got shit....

So I am going to talk about my husband.
This guy is great. No...
This guy is awesome. No...
Well, he is these things sometimes but mostly I just look at him over the rim of my glasses and think WTF!
Let me explain.

Joe is a disabled Army veteran. Joe is a retired sergeant/corrections officer. Joe bought this house when he was too young to think it was cool. He is all things responsible and good and American. I haven't a clue what I want to be when I grow up. I am 40.

So, in his Army sergeant way, he is always on my case... until recently. Recently we are starting to understand each other and this is scary because he is starting to act in a way I understand and not vise versa.

He (on a whim) bought 1,000 rounds of ammunition today.
He is playing World of Warcraft right now.
He is laughing because he can't get a song out of his head.
Did I mention he bought 1,000 ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION!

I am looking at him like he has lost his mind! Maybe he has. I am worried I will have to crazy compete with him now.

Sucky post but I hope it will get better has time goes on.

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