Thursday, January 23, 2014


So I am sitting here after dinner with my husband watching the news and enjoying some light conversation when out of NO WHERE my husband says,

"I hate it when people try to talk and act all intelligent and then they can't even spell potatoes right!"

Then I say, "What? Where did that come from?"

"I was watching this video on YouTube and this chick is talking about organization like she knows everything about everything and she can't even spell potatoes right. She spelled it without the 'e'. That really bothers me! Anything she said after that meant absolutely nothing. I didn't even listen. P O T A T O S! No E! WHAT THE F*$K!" my husband then said.

Of course I looked at him with pity yet was completely entertained. Does that make me a bad wife?

Moral of the story: Learn to spell or shut the hell up. I think...

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