Monday, November 5, 2012

Best. TV. Night. Ever!

So last night while watching AFV Joe went on a frenzy because the three videos were not funny enough to him to win the $10,000 prize. Mind you, this is a 'feel good' show and my husband is yelling at the television! Seriously! (So freaking funny!)

The first video was a man being all-manly filming a workout video with one of those resistance bands with handles. He lost his grip on one of the handles and it snapped back and hit him in the groin. (Like every other video where someone gets it in the groin or in the head. I laugh harder when they get hit in the head. Why is that?)

JOE : Ok, that's funny.

The second was a mother telling her little boy to kiss a cow. The cow had his head in a water bucket. The cow then licked the kid right across the face. The kids mouth was open and everything. So gross!

JOE : Why would anyone tell their kid to do that? What are they, stupid? That is just stupid!

The third was a very elderly woman over excited (laughing and clapping) about hearing news of a great-grandchild-to-be.

JOE : What the hell? That isn't funny! What is so funny about that?

ME : Turn it down a little. There is no reason to get that upset.

JOE : That is why I hate this show! Because of stupid shit like that!

ME : Calm down...

JOE : NO! This is ridiculous!

ME: (Really trying not to laugh but not succeeding and getting a look-of-death from Joe)

The elderly woman won... uggghhh

JOE : This is America's Funniest Videos! Not I feel sorry for the fucking old lady!

ME : She is so cute and I'm sure she needs the money.


ME: (Laughing so hard I had to run out of the room to go to the bathroom! I think I peed my pants a little!)


I hate to admit it, but he is right. It wasn't funny at all... the old lady video that is... Thank the goddess the show is over -- I would hate for his blood pressure to go any higher!

Best. TV. Night. Ever!

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