Monday, November 19, 2012

Everybody knows the sound of Jennifer falling down...

Although this story is about 15 years old, it is still one of my favorite OMG stories... about myself.

I fall down, a lot, but not as much as I used to. Honestly, I have ear issues but I think this is this life knocking me down to learn some lesson from another lifetime.

So, at that time I was working for this small family company. The factory and warehouse was downstairs and the offices were upstairs in what looked like and was set up like a large house. A very large house...

The stairs to the offices were carpeted with this thick padded blue carpet and at the bottom of the stairs was this huge solid oak door. Right at the bottom, no landing.

I was wearing a summer dress with strappy sandals. Slippery bottomed strappy sandals...

Oh yes, you know what's coming...

I was going down the stairs and about half way down I slipped. Head over foot ROLLING down the stairs, not just a little bump-bump down on my ass. I hit the door right on my forehead. UPSIDE DOWN!

All of my co-workers heard the loud thud of my head, looked over the banister only to find my dress over my head and my ass in the air! Most.Embarrasing.Work.Moment.Ever!

They were all laughing and not one asked if I was alright until they saw the blood. I miss those people!

Thank gawd I am so old that this was pre-thong era or I would have walked out of there and never came back!

I lost a good amount of skin on my knee, shoulder and forehead. I got a HUGE lump on my forehead that held a bruise forever.

I also got a big cup of humility.

I think that is why I am on the planet this time. To learn humility in some shape or form almost every day of my life. Can you imagine what I did to deserve this?! Seriously!

Everybody knows the sound of Jennifer falling down...

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