Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful this Thanksgiving!

Humbled again!
What a wonderful feeling I have today!

I had an amazing and wonderful day today with my family!

I am not used to wonderful days with the whole family and if any of 'you' read this I am sorry to admit it out loud.

I am usually left feeling inadequate or judged or sad or angry. This year I am feeling incredible love. My heart is so much more full than my stomach!

It started yesterday. We had our annual Thanksgiving luncheon at work. It was delicious and our GM Frank did a great job with the food!

After work I stopped in to see a great long time friend I haven't seen in years and I am so in love with her and our friendship!

Then I went to my Mom's to help prep for today's meal.

WHAT A MEAL THAT WAS! My mother is a genius and a saint in the kitchen for Thanksgiving Day! She does this craziness all for us... every year... I love you so much Mom!

We then played our annual 'Dirty Bingo' and it is not X-Rated so don't even go there! Each player brings a wrapped gift, usually a gag gift or something small from the dollar store, and picks 3 numbers. The bingo caller (ME!) calls one number at a time and that person picks a gift from the pile. Once all the gifts are gone from the pile, when your number is called you then steal gifts from each other until all of the numbers are called. If you are lucky enough to have a gift(s) at the end they are yours. Believe it or not, adults and kids have a ball with this game!

Then, Mom makes sure there is some kind of craft for the kids and this year they colored wooden ornaments with markers to hang on their trees.

But besides all of the planned activities, the best of all was having Aunt Eileen and Chad with us. They drove all of the way out to be with us and they are the ones with the most responsibility at home with the horse farm and most of all have had the most loss this year with the death of Uncle Pete. The sadness and fatigue in their eyes was almost too much to bear, but as the day went on, they seemed to have a good day too and there was even a little sparkle in Aunt Eileen's eyes.

The sparkle in her eyes is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see.


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