Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pete Anthony Alesky Jr.

Today is and will always be a day for the books.
We are burying a pillar member of our family today.

WARNING: If you cannot handle the truth about depression, STOP READING NOW!

If you live with depression everyday of your life you as well as I think of death every single day of our lives, although it is never of one that we love but ourselves.

Please bring all of the love and light you can to us today. Uncle Pete is gone and we will never be the same. I hope I can keep it together, I hope we all can. I will remember him as the man that was always there.

I've had 2 major surgeries, and a time with severe emotional trama. Who was there? Uncle Pete and Aunt Eileen. Every time I needed him, he was there.



We made it through the tough weekend together. Although Aunt Eileen has her children with her, I don't know how she really is. Please, pray for her to find strength and healing.

This was so sad in so many ways, but through the tears there was laughter with memories of Uncle Pete. As in life, his favorite saying is still with him, it is printed on his memory card. Enjoy this in memory of one fine cowboy!

"Life is hard; it's harder when you're stupid" ~ John Wayne

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