Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things you don't usually hear...

This past weekend my cousin and I went on a long-weekend vacation. We went to Newberg, NY on the Hudson River and did some great sightseeing and had some great fun at the first public soft-opening night of the OCC Cafe. Farrah and Scott are awesome! We will not forget you two anytime soon!

Besides all the fun we had there were some crazy funny things that were said and I have to just tell you I'm sure you had to be there but...

JUSTINE: I am listening to you, I really am but THERE IS MOTHER FUCKING STINK BUG ON MY PURSE!

ME: What? Stink bug? On your purse?

JUSTINE: LOOK! Get it off.

ME: (Rolled down the window in the car - yes, Justine was driving - and I flicked it off).

ME:  So anyway... (continued my story).

Half-hour later or so... I started laughing.

JUSTINE: What's so funny?

ME: "THERE IS A MOTHER FUCKING STINK BUG ON MY PURSE!" (followed by a deep-belly laugh and snorting).

JUSTINE: Well it took you long enough...

Let's just end this with she gets me.... She really gets me!

P.S. For another deep-belly laugh and snorting, listen to this (I love being a 40+ year old child!):
WARNING: Very childish and in no way mature... You have been warned!

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